What features would you like to see?

We love member ideas to improve the site! What feature ideas do you have to improve the learning for everyone? 

custom playlist (for review)

similar to custom learning path for admins to define a custom path for others, add the ability for individual users to create their own playlist/path for review or other purposes.  Ideally, you could create multiple lists/paths and be able to search for an existing path/course and check/uncheck the content to quickly create a list.  I would use this feature along with the flash cards for topics where the lesson needs to be replayed as either a refresher and/or to better understand the content via repetition.

  • David Faes
  • Aug 27 2018
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  • Linux Academio commented
    November 24, 2018 21:05

    We need the ability to add courses or lessons to a playlist so we can watch these later.