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Add a back to course Button/Continue button after Learning Activities.


After every learning activity it only gives you the option to retake the activity or share the activity. There is no option to return to the course root or to continue on(Which I would love because I usually binge learn). I think it would be great to add those options for a better UX instead of having to click on home, then the course you were taking, then the next lecture. I also figure that would require less requests resulting in cheaper costs for you. I'm still learning and could be wrong about that but I imagine it would save you bandwidth.


  • Nicholas Mendez
  • Sep 18 2018
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    anthony james commented
    21 Mar 21:38


  • Guest commented
    22 Mar 23:51

    This looks like it was launched but doesn't seem to work for me still. Every time I click "back to course", I just get to a LinuxAcademy 404 error screen :/