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dark-mode UI for LinuxAcademy

I often am doing courses late at night (when I usually have free time).  The current UI has tons of white space, and I get why that is -- so that text can be easily read while looking at notes below the video sectino you are watching.  

For me personally I wish there was a feature where I could toggle on a dark-mode UI for Linux Academy so I could spare my eyes late at night, but during the day still enjoy the classic UI and be able to read notes below the video section.   
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  • Oct 17 2018
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  • Christof Palmers commented
    October 25, 2018 05:17

    It would be very interesting when it would also be possible to do this in the video's itself. I can imagine that it's not easy when a gui is show in the video's, but with presentations and CLI, i guess it's possible to invert the colors?