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Tickets (tasks) for students

Tickets (tasks) for students

Tickets goals
- dont forget completed course
- simulations real job

Tickets options:
- Tickets enable/disable
- Create mix tickets base on pool complete course or custom pool
- Tickets have time limit for start, and compete ticket
- Tickets have week scheduler for create new tickets

Tickets can be hand-labs and exercises.
Need more hand-labs per course.

  • Mirko Cancarevic
  • Nov 25 2017
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  • Guest commented
    May 27, 2018 09:15

    This is a very good idea, it would be nice if there will be a section where students can build some kind of project together and leaving comments, steps etc., best practices, advices and then chat about it. At the end of that kind of project there would be one great tutorial with real world issues.

    Also there would be story about possibille complications and concerns about desing/code etc

    On this way and because all students are not equal skilled we would have chance for a lot of tshoot and learn from other people or our own mistakes in non production environement