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Fix Filtering

Course filtering is entirely broken.

If you go to the AWS page, scrolling through the titles shows content for Azure.  If you go to the Linux page, you get high-end AWS and devops courses.  If you click the drop-down for View All, you get absolutely every course on Linux Academy with that level (beginner, intermediate, advanced).  End result, unless you're searching for something in particular, browsing is useless.

Also, add a means to tell what courses you've already done.  Grey it out, show a progress bar, add an option on the filter, etc.  it would be useful to tell if there's an updated version of a course that I've already completed, but I won't be able to distinguish it if they're the same name.

  • Chad Quinlan
  • Dec 6 2018
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    anthony james commented
    December 19, 2018 01:34

    So this was actually intentional, for example, we had a lot of people searching for things in the wrong category and they were not able to find it. Now that we have the advanced search we have a way to fix it. But basically, if you search or filter for something it does it through all categories. We will end up removing that "feature" soon.