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Session Timeout Increase

Although returning to the current video after session timeout is a great idea (and I upvoted), I think the overall site timeout for logged in users is too short.  I often have to step away and when I return I have almost always lost my session (1 hour or so).  I would request a 2 hour session timeout.  This would eliminate the return to video in progress issue for most cases.  When session timeout is noted, you should receive the simple login popup, click once to start the session and then return to where you were on the site.  If you can return to the video in progress at the time point you paused, even better.

  • Patrick Loftus
  • Dec 17 2018
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  • Admin
    anthony james commented
    16 Feb 16:54

    Session timeout is currently 8 hours I believe. We also planned the option to stay logged in for 30 days. To be released this quarter.

  • Patrick Loftus commented
    16 Feb 17:00

    Seeing the owner of LA personally going through these site enhancements on a Saturday shows your commitment to improving the learning experience for your members.  When the content and the functionality are high quality, you are more inclined to dig in and do another video.