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Add/Remove courses from dashboard

Actually the dashboard with "Recent Courses" is not so good, it could be helpful the abbility for add and remove courses from them, for example long time ago I started a course that now is marked as Legacy, the thing is I don't have a way to remove it from my dasboard, as at the same time, i can't add to the dashboards courses I want to take (like for example for Ethical Hacking), also courses are take as "Enrollment" just for something like enter on the site of the course, while maybe I just entered in order to read the description, so to summarize, I'd like to have this 2 features:

- Dashboard with more control, add or remove courses
- Enrollment of courses only when I push a button that says enroll (for ex) and not on automatic way just for enter the site of it

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  • Dec 31 2018
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