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Ethical Hacking - Addition of lots of more learning activities

Currently the course for Ethical Hacking, counts with a lof of lectures, quizes for every subject BUTT only with 4 learning activites.

A course like this one, should have a lot of hand-on labs, with environments with security holes, in order to either, try tools coded by someone or try tools created by hand.

- For example, there could be a lab that is an application and it doesn't have controls for sql injections and the objectives are steal the information of the database/change data on it, etc.

- Another example of really good lab, could be labs where the aim is cleaning tracks (the most common tracks that one needs to clear for say somethhing).

- Other example could be, maybe a server that deploys with an explot, and for example the required tasks are, search for the cveof that vulnerability and try to use it (showing on the video, how someone could do this, as CVEs are a really good place for get information of vulnerabilitys...)


And the list could be more labs with other things so on, this is just a summarize, I think more labs are needed :)

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  • Jan 9 2019
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    21 Mar 22:04