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Detailed history of when course items were started and completed.

As a user, I would like to have the ability to report back to my boss the times that I logged in for extra-credit hours for my timecard . This will allow me to build up hours to be able to use as an add-on to vacation hours at a later date.

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  • Jan 30 2019
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  • Eric Thompson commented
    January 30, 2019 21:29

     This is a good idea, so if someone is doing training at night, one can *verify* that they actually were doing courses and for how long. That way, the time spent can be added to *authorized* time off later in the week, month or year.  

  • Admin
    anthony james commented
    February 16, 2019 18:52

    This is already added in our b2b feature where bosses can view the training activity, all of it, including minutes viewed and the time of day they are training.

    It is available on team accounts. A team account is 2 or more members under one paying licenses. Would you like for me to connect you to sales?