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Be able to queue up classes in a sorted list todo style or develop personal learning paths

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  • Feb 14 2019
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  • Linux Academio commented
    16 Feb 22:30

    Yes. We need a queue or playlist - sometimes we just want to add vidoes to a queue to watch later while working out or listen on our way to work, etc. 

    The create study plan is too complicated.  There should be a way to simply add video or course to playlist and play later.  

    Autoplay should be party of this feature/play. 

  • Marc Spitzer commented
    01 Mar 03:09

    I want the course/learning path todo list, I do not want autoplay on the list.  I look at it as a way to queue up learning, not a youtube channel.  I want a pile of do this next that is my short list of next items that I selected for professional development.