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Add classes of interest without having to join them

 it would be nice to add classes of interest without having to actually schedule them and start them. Perhaps like a bookmarking feature for courses on the mobile app as well. 

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  • Mar 19 2019
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    anthony james commented
    21 Mar 21:46

    you do not have to schedule classes or start them today. You can take just the individual video without having to start or schedule a class.

  • Linux Academio commented
    21 Mar 22:23

    @Anthony, the idea is to have a playlist of videos you want to watch later.  say I want to learn lambda, and I search for lambda on the linuxacademy UI, i get 6 hits. I would like to add all these search results to a playlist of the videos so i can complete them later at my own pace.

  • Guest commented
    21 Mar 22:30

    The Idea being that it would be nice if they show up under "recent courses" or something like that, and show as "not started".  Basically looking at a way to track "Oh this looked interesting" but don't have time to engage now.