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Ability for the video to start from where I left off

Ability for the video to start from where I left off when I come back to the course.Similar to Netflix, It would be nice if video play back 10-20 second before where I left off.

  • Andy Chung
  • Dec 29 2017
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  • Patrick Loftus commented
    16 Feb, 2019 04:51pm

    Plus increase the session timeout to like an hour or so, which would minimize this issue.  I often walk away or switch to another screen to do some work, flip back to LA and be logged out or after i play the video I get logged out.

  • Pat P commented
    10 Nov, 2018 02:15pm

    That would be very convenient, but If I had to chose between subtitles and remembering video position, would definitely go for subtitles.

  • Jiuliang Zhang commented
    13 Oct, 2018 05:41pm

    This is a must have feature. Don’t assume this is lame because people need to watch the whole thing but sometimes we just have to leave our computer and do something then come back to watch more. 

  • Admin
    Richard Layton commented
    26 Sep, 2018 02:50pm

    Hi Andy, thank you for the suggestion!  This is something we are looking into doing.  Do you have any other comments or suggestions you would like to add?

  • James Valero commented
    31 Dec, 2017 10:00am

    This is a must-have feature. Work and life always get interrupted. 

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