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Mark Complete while in full screen mode.

It would be good to be able to Mark Complete while in full screen mode.
  • Michael Neufeld
  • Feb 24 2018
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  • Carlos Chacon commented
    1 Sep, 2019 08:00am

    I agree with Anand doing what you have to do to continue with the next videos takes you out of the momentum of learning 

  • Guest commented
    14 Mar, 2019 03:44pm

    Agreed, this will be a very welcome feature. Seems like an obvious one too :) Please implement this soon!

  • Anand Bongale commented
    20 Oct, 2018 01:22pm

    One could continue watching the videos without losing focus on the main activity which is learning and not exiting the full screen mode just to continue the next lesson, this helps to great extent.

  • Admin
    Richard Layton commented
    26 Sep, 2018 03:04pm

    Hello, I see this is getting some good votes.  Would anyone like to share their comments or suggestions?

  • Nade . commented
    6 Aug, 2018 01:27pm

    This is a very helpful feature. Upvoted.

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