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encourage storing course related files locally

Over the years that I've been a linux academy student it happened to me several times: a lab server I had been using for a few months (that had my course related files on it) no longer boots up due to a kernel panic. First time that happened to me I tried to fix it and contacted support. Next time it happened to me I had created a backup script that uploaded my contents to a cloud storage in regular intervals (I still lost a few files I had created). Nowadays I download my files right after I have tested them.

WHY IS THIS RELEVANT?: Some students learn better when they change a script the teacher showed in the video so it works for their own needs. For instance if you work in a DevOps role you will be able to come up with pratical use cases for many linux commands or scripts that are shown as part of a course.

WHATS THE BENEFIT FOR LINUXACADEMY?: you will save some money on storage costs for all the ec2 instances

WHATS THE BENEFIT FOR THE STUDENT?: You will have your scripts handy on your local machine, ready for you to be opened and used for your day-to-day work. I also suggest syncing your files using MEGA or dropbox so you have it on multiple devices then

  • Daniel Schwemmlein
  • Jun 17 2018
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  • Daniel Schwemmlein commented
    September 26, 2018 17:36

    Update: I found a nice and easy way for everyone to keep their files in sync with an open source project named syncthing (If you are listening to Jupiter Broadcasting you might have heard them talking about it). So what I would like to add is to encourage students to use syncthing in order to sync their code on their cloud servers with their home network (the best thing about it is that syncthing identifies machines with a long ID number rather than their public IP which obviously can change)